Handling the watch

Please take care to handle your watch in a suitable manner and observe the following preventative measures.

In general: 

  • Protect the watch from magnetic fields.
  • Do not place the watch near major heat sources.
  • Make sure that the winding button is closed before entering water.
  • Rinse the watch in soft water after bathing in the ocean.

For chronographs: 

  • The chronograph hand should not be used as a second hand.
  • Do not press the stop function while the watch is under water.
  • Be sure to take proper care of your leather wristband. Water, oily materials and other cleaning agents cause the material to age faster.
  • When you are not wearing your mechanical watch, you should wind it once a month.

For SBS aluminium watches: 

  • Please bear in mind that the watch you are wearing on your wrist is made from the exterior shell of a Soyuz rocket. It is made of an especially robust aluminium alloy whose basic hardness has been increased by means of multiple processes. Its scratch resistance is comparable to that of a steel watch thanks to an especially hard anodising treatment. However, aluminium is still aluminium, and despite all of these measures, it is still a somewhat softer base material than steel. Heavy impacts can therefore leave larger marks on your watch than on a steel watch. Please bear this in mind and treat your watch with the appropriate care.