Uncompromising design made from raw rocket material. Affordable. Each watch is unique.

The dials of the Earth Collection are cut directly from the outer shell of the rocket. Each watch is a real piece of space history.

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The Earth Collection

With this collection we bring a piece of space travel history to your wrist. And at affordable prices, thanks to a new production concept. It is true: the dial of every watch is part of a real rocket that has flown into space.

Werenbach finances the Earth Collection with crowdfunding

With the new collection Werenbach moves into a new market segment in which larger quantities have to be sold. With a win-win situation: the buyers finance the production and help to increase awareness, at the same time they can purchase the watches at one-time wholesale prices.

Soyuz MS-02 – manned mission to ISS

The material comes from the Soyuz MS-02, which was launched on 19 October 2016 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. On board were astronauts Shane Kimbrough (USA), Andrei Borissenko (RU) and Sergei Ryschikow (RU). We used the material from the first rocket stage (booster & fairing). After the rocket reached an altitude of almost 50km, the booster was jettisoned, then the fairing at an altitude of 85km. They fell back to Earth in a military restricted area on the steppes of Kazakhstan.

The rocket determines the design

Since we are using original materials, you can tell by the colour which part of the rocket the material comes from. Thanks to this approach, each watch has a distinct and authentic look. The different signs of wear in the material, such as scratches, make each model in the collection unique.

The exception is Model 1. In this model, the dial is black-anodised. Here, too, you can see original scratch marks.